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president obama invited to the presidential take its your last cans to see candidates on stage together before the election. what tonight's focus will be. >> victims of the san bruno pipeline blast turning up pressure now on the california public utilities commission. why they're demanding top regulator be removed. >> also decision that officially takes lance armstrong's name out of >> you can stand and say to the governor we want this removed. >> susan lost three relatives in the pg&e explosion in 2010. she with several other residents stepped up the pressure for removing the president of the california public utilities commission. >> abc 7 news is live in san bruno near the site that have deadly explosion. heather? >> well, dan, cpuc president was appointed by governor gray davis in 2002. he is a former president of southern california edison but that isn't mention bid those who would oust him in the long list of grievances. sue and renee share horror of having lost family members in the san bruno explosion. >> standing here today represent four of the victims that died. that is afl o
is behind that $11 million contribution to the no on 30 campaign. >> now 12 days from the election. m obama traveled to chicago this afternoon. he became the first sitting president to cast his ballot early. the trip to illinois wrapped up a 40-hour battle ground state blitz. the president started a day with a ral in florida then an appearance in virginia where he defended health care rights of women. >> i believe women are capable and should make their own health care decisions for themselves. that is why the health care law we've passed put the choices in your hands where they belong. that is where they ought to stay as lng as i'm president of the united states of america. >> the president received a boost from a prominent republican. colin powell officially endorsed the president. he praised mr. obama's handling of the economic recovery saying america is coming out of the dive and gaining altitude. >> mitt romney spent the day in ohio where he told supporters the election is not about him or republican party but america and borrowed a line from the president saying it's time for a change
following the final debate. president obama visited florida, governor romney visited nevada and colorado. we'll have more on what the candidates did today ahead at 4:30. >> now stock market, it was a dark day for the dow, certainly. it tumbled today after dupont and xerox missed their earnings. the nasdaq gave back 26 points to close below 3,000. s and p 500 lost 20 points. apple unveiled a smaller ipad called the mini. >> apple unveiled its new ipad mini, but they also unveiled more. the screen is almost two inches smaller and the resolution is the same. graphics, text, and photos will look the same. >> you can hold it in one hand. this just isn't a shrunken down ipad. it's a new design. >> the mini is $179 less than the original ipad. >> there are consumers that won't pay for a tablet. and this new pro duct allows them to get in a lot cheap year apple did redesign imac. it's thin and sports a dual storage option, a fusion drive and hard drive. the mini is the center piece for the holiday shopping season. >> orders will start on friday. >> after hours trading facebook stock up 11%. after th
. >> president obama flying 5,000 miles today taking air force one overnight to florida. all across the stops the president is delivering his closing arguments. >> we're always moving forward. that is why i'm asking for your vote today. >> mitt romney has a closingzv argument, too. >> it doesn't feel like forward, it feels like backward. >> this poll shows a tight race and a controversial comment from a republican senate candidate is causing headaches. yesterday, richard murdock says a pregnancy resulting from rape is something god intended. today he says he believes rape is evil. >> if they came away with any impression other than that, i regret it romney's campaign disagrees but so far haven't asked him to take down this ad3 there is another distraction from donald trump if mr. obama willq release college records and passport history. >> he's the least transparent in the history of the country. there is nothing anything like it. >> donald trump is wrong about that. a great many have not released their school or records. you can find a link to the ! tv. coming up at 6:00 gloria alred. >> de
. >> because of hurricane sandy, romney cancelled campaign plans in virginia beach. president obama has no scheduled events this weekend. >> international cycling union says the seven tour defrance titles will not ab warded to other riders. how could they? everybody else is doping also. cycling governing body ordered him to pay back prize money, it's in addition uci is establishing an independent commission looking into these allegation that's accused uci of accepting $125,000 from armstrong to cover up suspicious tests. >> welcome news about that young pakistani girl shot in the head about the taliban. her father says his daughter is speaking, recovering with speed. the family flew to london from pakistan to be by her side. militants shot her would weeksing ao because of her crusade to let girls attend school. her dad has been her piggest inspiration. encouraging her to think bigger. >> i want to become a doctor. my father told me you have to become a politician... and i don't like politics. >> i see a great potential that she can do more than a doctor. >> her father called her a mirac
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5